More to Come

Jay and I have been discussing the possibility of a new project…a shared blog! This one will be much different material than EPN since it will focus on food. We plan to review existing recipes, compare different cooking methods, and to share recipes of our own creation. This blog will take time to set up since … More More to Come

Bye For Now

You may have noticed a lack of posts from me since Jay returned to the USA. Since we finally closed the gap, I am not going to be posting very often anymore. I may write a new post occasionally, but this chapter of my life (the LDR part) is ending now. Extra Postage Needed will … More Bye For Now

MM3: March 2017

It’s that time again….time for My Monthly Three goals! I have not been very good at remembering my monthly goals this year, so hopefully the third month’s a charm! Last month I chose three really important goals that I think I will continue to strive for throughout the whole year. I made some progress in … More MM3: March 2017

Three Things to Keep in Mind if You’re Considering a LDR

Long distance relationships are becoming more and more common, or maybe I’m just noticing more of them. People from all over the world are linking up in the hopes that one day they will be able to close the gap between them. While LDRs are more prevalent nowadays, they aren’t necessarily easier to manage. If … More Three Things to Keep in Mind if You’re Considering a LDR