Day Two: The Power of iMessage

So it is officially day two of our LDR journey and I am already feeling much more optimistic than yesterday. It was so difficult not to talk to Jay while he was travelling there for almost a full 24 hours. The immediate time after the separation can be difficult, especially if you’re lost in your own thoughts. But today is a much better day.

Last night, I was able to talk to him a little bit via iMessage. Neither of us have international cell phone plans, so we have to rely on our iPods for primary communication. And I have got to say…it is awesome! The set-up is simple and easy to use, so we were able to chat and send pictures (mostly silly faces) to each other. It made me feel like he wasn’t 9,973 miles away. For all I knew, he could be just down the street from me. Sure, he was a day ahead of me and just starting his day while I was watching Full House before bed, but for a moment it didn’t feel that way.

Now obviously our situation will change once he adjust to the time zone “down under” and when he lands a job, but it’s day two and I’m feeling good. iMessage will help to bridge the gap between us and allow us to connect more easily with each other. I can’t wait for him to wake up and send me another one!


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