Day Three: Settling Into a Routine

Day three here, and it’s time to start settling into a routine. Jay is just about adjusted to the time change so we can finally figure out a more reasonable basic schedule for when we can talk. As of now, I can wake up for work a little early to chat with him before bed. And he can wake up a little early to talk to me when I get home from work.

Obviously nothing is set in stone yet, but it helps to have some guidelines for when we can likely talk with each other. Hopefully he won’t be too busy this first week so we can iron out all the details! Eventually we will have Skype dates, movie dates (we both watch the same movie and chat about it), and on a rare occasion maybe even phone calls. But for now we’ll figure out the basics of time; when can we actually attempt to do these things?!

This will allow us to live our own lives freely, while still giving us time to connect with one another. It will become more difficult once he finds a job, but everything seems to be working at the moment. Of course it’s difficult when he has to go about his day and allΒ I want to do is chat, but tis one of the struggles of a LDR. Finding the balance between your own life and theirs is key. I just hope we can continue this the way we started and have a rare LDR success!

There isn’t much else to say for today. I began making his birthday present, which is exciting. It’s less than a month away so I better finish the gift soon! But I’ll update you more about that later.


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