Day Six: Living Your Own Life

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday; I had some long-lost friends over! But I learned something very important…this LDR is getting harder.

Although we have a general idea of when we can chat it usually relies on someone waking up at a certain time or not falling asleep too early that day. Unfortunately for us, it hasn’t worked so well the last couple of days. I’ve been busy with friends and he’s been busy with family. And unfortunately you can’t really tell your friends “oh sorry, it’s our time now. You just drink wine without me while I iMessage my boyfriend.” It does not work like that! It’s time we have to start making sacrifices.

I understand it’s a tough situation, but it’s starting to get very tough and it isn’t even the second week. All I want is my boyfriend to snuggle me after work or to tell me a joke, but instead I find myself writing little chat messages and eagerly waiting for his response. Now that he’s more adjusted to the time zone in Australia I’m actually feeling the LDR.

But as much as it’s hard to hear about him going out and doing fun things or for me to have so much fun with people other than him, I’m confident it’s the right thing. We can make this work. We just need to find the balance between trying to talk to each other and living our own life. It’s extremely important to talk; we try to in some way or another each day. But don’t forget that you’re supposed to have fun. If you want to go to a concert Thursday night, just tell him in advance that you won’t be able to talk at the regular time. One of the key elements to an LDR is flexibility. Don’t be afraid to do something you want to, but make a sacrifice somewhere else to make sure you can catch up on life.


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