Day Seven: One Week Down, 103 to go…

Today marks one week since he moved down under. One whole week in an LDR. It may not seem like such a big accomplishment, but I’m willing to bet that most of you haven’t done it. We are anticipating Jay living in Australia for about 2 years…so we still have 103ish weeks left in our LDR. But let’sย look at the big picture:

Both of us are nearing 22ย years old. So we’ve been on Earth for almost 1144 weeks. Our LDR isn’t even 1/10 of that! And the older we get, the shorter our LDR will seem. Our LDR is also equal to only half of the time we spent at college, which flew by! It’s crazy to think that I’m already graduated and it will be even crazier of a feeling when Jay moves back to the USA in two years! Sure, two years is a long time…BUT there are plenty of things that take a lot longer than two years. Remember those 13 years of pre-college education? And the 4+ years once you made it to college? What about all the years you’ll spend working after college before retirement? I bet two years doesn’t seem that long now!

So if you’re also in an LDR think about how long it took you to accomplish certain things in your life and compare that to the length of your LDR. I could squeeze eleven of my LDRs into my lifetime already…that’s crazy!!!


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