Day Nine: Video Chat

Missing your SO? Sometimes texting or iMessage just isn’t enough. It’s one thing to see a picture of their face, but it’s another to actually hear their voice and see them talking at the same time. There’s something comforting from a video chat with your LDR partner.

I recommend trying to video chat at least once a week. If you’re starting to stress about something at home or getting frustrated with the LDR, just seeing your SO can help those feelings. It’s a nice break from the text you’ve been writing back and forth to each other.

But don’t video chat too often. You don’t want to talk every day about every single thing. It’s okay to occasionally talk about the lunch you ate or the work you did, but don’t make a habit of it. Try spicing up your conversations with talks about current events or future plans. This will hopefully prevent the common lull that some LDR couples start to feel after a couple months. If you keep the conversations interesting your relationship will thrive even despite the distance.

So for now stick to email, iMessage, Facebook Messenger, or texting….with a sprinkle of video chat. And talk about topics that interest you and your partner because they probably don’t care that you ate oatmeal for breakfast…


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