Day Ten: The Power of Exercise

One of the many things I’ve noticed in the past 10 days is how nice it is to exercise again. I’m currently training for a half marathon after being on a hiatus from a daily exercise routine. The greatest thing about my newfound healthy habits is how much it can help relieve possible stresses associated with my LDR.

Exercise obviously has several benefits, but the most important one to me is the stress relief. It’s easy to be upset when you miss your partner. There are some days where I’m so angry that he left and the only thing that helps is a run. Exercise is a proven form of stress relief. It’s amazing how your mood will change when you start exercising more regularly again.

Another perk of running is that your body becomes more toned and fit. When I have my first LDR visit from my boyfriend I’ll be in much better shape than when he left for Australia. I’m not saying I want to lose a ton of weight or become the next female bodybuilder…but I am going to look and feel great! You should never try and change your body for someone other than yourself. Now is your time to experiment with different types of exercise and pursue your personal fitness goals. Always wanted to try kick-boxing? Go for it! Heard of a great new yoga class? Sign up!

You’ll be amazed at the results exercise can have on your body, both physically and mentally. Your muscles will grow stronger, your mind will get sharper, and you’ll begin to stress less about your LDR. Starting a new fitness routine can also give you something different to discuss with your partner! This will help you motivate each other to pursue and achieve new personal goals. Tie up those laces and head out to the gym…it’s time to embrace the full power of exercise!


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