Day Fourteen: Set Aside Movie Dates

One of the things I miss the most is spending time curled up on the couch with Jay, watching a TV show or movie. Although it’s impossible to completely replicate this while in two different countries, you can still have a movie date. It’s important to try and do the same things together…but separate.

We planned our first “date night” for tomorrow. It will actually be night for him and morning for me, but I am extremely excited about it. We started watching Under the Dome last year…it’s a super cheesy TV show that you can’t help but make fun of.. Now an episode form the second season is released each Monday night. So tomorrow we will both watch the newest episode! It will give us something to do “together” and to help spark conversation (not that we have any issues with that now).

If you’re finding it hard to be apart from your partner, definitely give these “dates” a try. It can help boost your mood, make you feel closer to your partner, and give you a fresh topic for discussion! There are other things you can watch as well; try sporting events, movies, or TV shows. You two want to do something more interactive? Try downloading a video game you can play together. There are several games in which you can play alongside each other and many others where you can battle against your partner. This may be for the nerdy folks, but Hearthstone is a relatively new game that we play…simple to understand and really fun to play!

Please share any of your LDR “date” ideas and experiences with me. I would love to hear them. I’m always looking for advice from you and hoping my tips help others out there!


2 thoughts on “Day Fourteen: Set Aside Movie Dates

  1. So far the only thing that we’ve been doing rather regularly (at least once a week) is dinner/lunch date, haha. I’ll be having dinner while he’ll be having lunch. Yesterday I got back from a career planning course, and I did RIASEC test to assess my career suitability, and I ended up telling him about it and reading the statements to him and assessing him too, and it was both fun and interesting to know more about how he perceives himself.

    Things that we haven’t tried but want to do: movie date (skype screen sharing!) and doing a crossword puzzle.

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    1. It’s hard for us to coordinate meals…that sounds so fun! I like the idea of quizzes and crossword puzzles. They definitely would be good conversation starters. Maybe MadLibs would be fun too!


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