Day Seventeen: Make Those Conversations Meaningful

In any relationship it can sometimes be difficult to find something to talk about with your partner. If you see them all the time, there’s less to share with them that they don’t already know…but this can be even worse in an LDR. Although you see each other very infrequently, it can be hard to decide what is worth telling the other person. Sometimes this even deters couples from talking…they don’t know how to make a valuable conversation. It’s getting to the point in my LDR (not even 3 weeks) where I can feel this communication gap.

My biggest piece of advice to give is this: don’t try to force conversation all the time. If you really have nothing to say and would rather be baking a cake, go bake that cake! If your partner is busy playing games and you want to talk but he has nothing to say…let him play! If you can set aside a more narrow window for talking, it will help improve the quality of your communication. No more wasted conversations!

Instead of casually texting throughout the day, send a simple text or two (just enough to keep you both happy and satisfied). Then later you can tell your partner all the cool things you did. But don’t go telling them the play-by-play of your day because there may be nothing left for your chat later.

Limiting the amount of time you have available to chat can greatly increase the amount of actual chatting and also the quality of it! So try talking less and you’ll end up talking more…


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