Day Eighteen: Birthday Preparations

In a couple of weeks it will be Jay’s birthday! It’s the first time since we’ve dated that I won’t be with him for it so it’s a bit bittersweet. Nonetheless, it adds a little bit of excitement to the day! After all, he now gets a 36 hour birthday because I get to help him celebrate 14 hours later.

It can be difficult to find something to send your partner for their birthday, especially with Customs regulations. But I decided that since it was his first one apart from me that I would send him a package. For some of the other holidays and celebrations I may opt for a store in Australia to ship him a gift…

I can’t give you many hints (I don’t want him to see my post here and know what he’s getting), but it is a handmade! I will post pictures once he actually opens it. He has strict instructions not to open it until his birthday and until I can Skype him. I’m really excited to watch him open it! It’ll almost be like one of those old home videos of children opening presents on Christmas, except a live feed.

I’m also thinking about making myself a cupcake so I can help him celebrate…make it a big party! Blow up a balloon or two, get a party hat…it’ll be just like I’m there with him. But for now, I’ll just wait for the day to come…


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