Day Nineteen: Write it Down

All relationships have challenges, and LDRs certainly are no exception. Sometimes all you want to do is talk to someone. Maybe you feel like you’re bothering your friends with your problems too much or maybe they just won’t understand. For me, writing down what I’m feeling definitely helps me. It helps me to feel better about our relationship and clears my head of any worries or negative feelings.

That’s one of the best things about this blog. I began it as a sort of way to “vent” about the relationship, but in a positive way. Blogging about my LDR helps me to understand my own feelings and de-stress about certain situations. Although I would not recommend everyone in an LDR to start a blog (I don’t want too much competition..haha) I would definitely say that writing can be a very therapeutic tool.

Try keeping a journal about your experiences. You can hand-write it or type it up on the computer. You’ll be amazed how good it feels to get your feelings down on paper. Sometimes it’s all I need to feel better. It’s an instant stress relief!


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