Day Twenty-one: Planning a Visit

I’m just starting out in the real world. I have my first big-girl job and my own apartment. It is awesome! But here’s the problem…I’m working for and living on an entry-level salary. It’s sufficient enough to pay my rent and bills while still being able to splurge occasionally on things. But the one thing I want more than anything is to afford a trip to Australia to visit Jay.

It’s so hard to actually look at the number and see that this trip is not likely for a while. I would need to give up on eating and driving and doing anything fun for a whole year in order to afford the trip. So now I have to weigh my options.

Should I cut out expenses to try and save for a visit? Is my gym membership THAT important? Do I really need a smartphone? It’s really difficult to figure out what to cut from my budget. And now I’m torn between a lot of things. Should I cut out my gift budget and make all homemade Christmas gifts? Should I cancel my Amazon Prime and Netflix memberships? These things all add up.

It’s important to talk with your partner about trips. Jay is fortunate enough to get free travel through his dad’s company, so he can visit me more easily than I can visit him. He even said he might be able to help me pay for the plane ticket. It’s just so difficult to deal with an extra $2,200 expense on such a meager salary. And all of this on top of the other stresses of an LDR? It’s ROUGH!

So don’t be afraid to ask people for a little cash for your birthday or holidays instead of an actual gift. Don’t feel lame for forgoing the bar to save some money. But be careful not to sacrifice too much. It’s okay to cancel a few things, but don’t go crazy with it. Netflix can keep you sane and the gym will keep you happy and healthy. So be careful weighing your options, and don’t be afraid to branch out for help.


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