Day Twenty-Two: Picture Tag

Jay and I are always looking for new ways to feel connected while in the LDR. Last night we came up with an awesome version of phone-tag…with pictures!

You send a picture to them and your partner returns their own version of that same picture. Then they send another picture with a new pose and you have to respond. It’s kind of like a game of tag!

This picture battle can be played whenever you have time or when you think of something fun to do in the shot. In each picture we try and make a funny pose or funny face. I love to make a pose that I think he’ll look really silly doing because those pictures make me laugh and smile the most. It forces you to be creative and really have fun with it.

This game is awesome because it’s super simple and allows you to connect more deeply with your partner. It’s one thing to text or Skype, but it’s another to have these still shots of each other. You can easily go back to look at them and most of the pictures will make you feel like you were right there when they were taken. These are fun memories that you can share together even though you made them when apart.

But the BEST thing about this game is it is an ongoing event. It literally is never-ending, with endless possibilities. It’s always fun to get a new picture…the anticipation of it gets me really excited. I never know when to expect it or what to expect!

So next time you’re feeling lonely or want to see your partner’s face, why not try a game of Picture Tag? I promise you it’s a great time.


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