Day Twenty-Eight: Our First 38-Hour Holiday

Today (in the US) and yesterday (in Australia) is/was Jay’s birthday! It’s our first big day to celebrate together while apart…and I think it went well! There is a longing to be with him as he eats birthday cake or to personally hand him a birthday present, but this was a big milestone for us in our LDR.

My birthday package to him got there ON HIS BIRTHDAY. Talk about perfect! And everything made it through Customs, phew…I made him promise not to open the gift until we could Skype. He didn’t even read the Customs label (you have to declare everything in the package). So I got to watch him unwrap my present…it was almost like I was there! Seeing and hearing his reaction was a great feeling.

Another fun thing about Jay’s birthday is that it was 38 hours long! Australia is 14 hours ahead of where I am in the USA. So I get to help him celebrate extra long! I messaged him a different birthday message around midnight of each “day.” One for Australia (where he is), one for Holland (where he’s from), and one for USA (where I am and he used to live). This was silly, but fun and added a little extra excitement for each of us.

So instead of being sad you can’t spend your birthday with your partner…have some fun with it! Wish them multiple “happy birthday”s. Open presents over Skype. And if you’re really into it you can each eat a cupcake (or half of cake) in honor of the birthday!


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