Day Thirty-Four: Share the Moment

For me, traveling to Australia is not really option. At least not at the moment. And Jay can’t just pack a bag and fly back to the US for a visit every week. This is an obvious struggle for any couple in a LDR, but there are ways to overcome this major obstacle.

I find that if you live vicariously through your partner, the separation becomes a lot easier. There are a lot of things I can do here, that he won’t get in Australia. Say it’s snowing, instead of him being upset for the lack of seasons in Australia I can build a snowman for him. Maybe I’ll Face Time him in the snow or Skype him with hot cocoa. Sharing my experiences won’t make him jealous if we both pretend we’re together. So I can say “I made you hot chocolate today. Here, try some!” or “SNOWBALL FIGHT, GOTCH!” and send pictures along with them.

Now let’s say he gets to do something really awesome and jealousy creeps over me…He’s going to see a baby kangaroo or he gets to hold a koala. I WANT TO GO TOO!!! But instead of being stubborn and sad here in the USA, I choose to live his experience through him. I’ll have him detail the experience and then ask silly questions like “So which animal are you sending me?” or “when are we going next?!”

This may sound juvenile, but I’m telling you it works! It goes well with my post from yesterday about staying positive. It’s almost like you trick yourself into thinking you were actually there with your partner, sharing that moment. And although it’s not as satisfying as actually being there, pretending to share a cup of hot cocoa can be almost as great as the real deal…especially in a LDR.


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