Day Forty-Nine: Save the Chat

We’ve hit that point in the LDR where it’s difficult to chat. I’m having friends over or Jay is going out with his family. And then we casually leave each other messages throughout our own day. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great to wake up to a string of chat messages from him. Sometimes I just wish we had more to talk about together…at the same time.

My advice? If you’re having troubles like this with communication try limiting your daily messaging time. Don’t leave your partner a few paragraphs about your day. Wait for them to wake up and ask you about it! And if there is something really important you want to remember to share, write it down somewhere.

Another great tip? Bring back some memories. “Remember that time…” This will always spark a conversation, no matter how silly it is. Plus, it keeps you reminiscing about awesome times together which will keep you feeling close.

And my number one tip? If you’re not satisfied with the way you’re communicating together, talk about it! There’s a large possibility that your partner doesn’t realize something is wrong with your chats. Talking about it is the only way to fix that gap.


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