Day Fifty: Wanna Shnuggle?

By far one of the most difficult challenges with any LDR is the ability to stay connected with one another. We are all human and human beings need physical contact. At some point or another you’re going to feel trapped in the situation. For some couples, this is the beginning of the end. But it doesn’t have to be.

We long for physical contact (sexual or otherwise) in our daily lives. And if there is a sudden decline in this contact, we can become lonely, vulnerable, and miserable people. Sometimes we long for that passionate kiss, but more times than not all we want is a hand to hold or someone to cuddle. It can be really frustrating to have all of that for so long and then one day your other half is 9972 miles across the ocean.

So what do you do? Well every couple is different. For some, the time apart can be spent seeing other people in less intimate ways. For others, the time apart is still time spent all together. I fall into the latter category. I feel that if your connection is strong enough with someone, it can withstand several miles and great amounts of time….BUT it won’t be easy.

Lately all I really want is a hug or someone to cuddle as I fall asleep (as stupid as this sounds). But I have to learn to adjust. I can try and sneak in hugs whenever I see friends. Or snuggle up with lots of pillows to make the be feel less empty. And although this may seem incredibly sad and lonely, that is far from the truth. Because if you care about someone and they really care about you, those pillows will be just enough to comfort you. This is when you really get to think about how important your relationship is with this person. I mean you’re cuddling pillows instead of going out and flirting at the bar trying to find a new snuggle buddy! You know that your love is real. You know your relationship is strong. And you know that this LDR is well worth it.

So when you’re at home with your pillow snuggle friend, think to yourself: that guy (or girl) I have is pretty awesome and I don’t need to be searching for someone. I just need a few extra pillows….


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