Day Fifty-Three: Make Sure to Talk During Conversations

It’s almost been two months since Jay left and we’re starting to feel the sadness and loneliness of separation. The best cure for this is to stay connected. We send little messages to each other every day. But sometimes this isn’t enough for us…

The best way to stay connected is to mimic a real-life situation. We try to Skype or Face Time frequently, but lately it’s been more difficult to schedule a time for it. So instead of getting stressed out about the lack of days for face-to-face communication, we try to schedule one longer session.

Sometimes we save up are better stories and discussions from the week just so we’ll have lots to talk about on Skype. It is extremely important to make sure you have things to talk about together. Unlike when you’re physically together, sitting on Skype together in silence isn’t exactly comforting….I cannot emphasize this factor enough, make sure you have things to talk about or you may end up arguing about how neither of you(or maybe just one of you) isn’t contributing to the conversation.

If all else fails, talk about something random! You can talk about the news, a delicious recipe you tried, a place you want to go, somewhere it would be cool to travel to together….OR you could talk about puppies, sports, silly laws (Google them), or any other random topic you can think of. The more random the better. These will definitely keep you talking and make you laugh together….there’s nothing better than sharing a good laugh with your partner 9972 miles away.


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