Day Fifty-Two: The Littlest Things

Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in your own personal life when you’re in a LDR. You can start to feel even more distant from your partner. It can be frustrating and stressful. But something so simple can change that…

One small chat from Jay had my whole week turned upright…it really is the little things. Just talking about how much we enjoy each other’s company, what we enjoy about each other, or silly things we can do together (even when we’re apart) makes a huge difference.

Never underestimate the little things because it’s those little comments of “you’re cute” that can always bring a smile to your face.


One thought on “Day Fifty-Two: The Littlest Things

  1. I was in a long distance relationship with a great man, we actually lived in completely different countries. The little things meant the most. In an ldr you really begin to find joy in hearing their voice, their laugh, seeing their smile. Those things are always so important. Don’t lose that! πŸ™‚


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