Day Fifty-Nine: Adding on the Hours

One thing that I simply did not consider about an LDR is Daylight Savings Time…On October 5th, Australia moved their clocks forward another hour. So instead of the previous 14 hour difference, we have to adjust to a 15 hour time difference. This may not seem like much now, but wait until it’s America’s turn for DST.

In November, I will be the one turning the clock. But here’s the funny thing….while Australians turn their clock forward, Americans turn their clocks back! This still blows my mind (science is awesome), but it also scares me.

We have finally settled in to our 14 hour difference and now it’s slowly changing to a more difficult one. Right now the extra hour isn’t doing too much damage on our ability to communicate (luckily), but it’s hard to say what one more will do to our relationship. 16 hours is a REALLY big difference…

When I get home from work at 5pm it’ll be 9am in Australia. I won’t have time to go to the gym or eat before Jay wakes up, but that should be okay, especially if he doesn’t have plans later in the day. It’ll be tough if I do things after work and he leaves for the day because we won’t really be able to talk anymore during that time of day.

When I wake up around 8am it’ll be midnight in Australia. This doesn’t give me too much time to talk to Jay before he goes to bed. I can start waking up earlier (which maybe I should anyway), but it’ll be hard to get used to in the beginning.

I’m writing this post almost as a warning. HEADS UP, Daylight Savings Time is different in every country! It may seriously change the amount of time or length of time you can communicate with your significant other. So be sure to research this and make a plan ahead of time. Will you stay awake slightly longer? Will he wake up earlier? Have a conversation on how to deal with yet another time difference. It will make the adjustment so much easier.


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