Day Sixty: Share a Story

This builds off of one of my posts from long ago on how to keep your conversations exciting…

One of the things I really like to do is make up silly stories, similar to those from Mad Libs. There are lots of sites that can actually provide templates for these type of stories. Here are some examples:

These are almost all sites for children but, TRUST ME, they can make some really funny stories. The more ridiculous and silly they are, the better. One of our recent ones took place at a celebrity’s house…Harry Potter was teaching martial arts and there was a baby bear fighting with a kangaroo, among many other things!

Some people don’t need the templates to write stories (I am one of those people). I recommend writing an ongoing story. Send little snippets of it, like mini chapters. If your relationship is anything like the one I’m in, you’ll have an awesome time writing and your SO will absolutely love it too!


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