Day Eighty-Three: Plan Ahead

With November 2nd approaching, Americans are getting ready to turn back the clock. This is usually a great thing because we all get an extra hour to sleep or party (especially since it’s Halloweekend). But for those involved in an intercontinental relationship it just increases the struggle.

When jay first moved to Australia we were 14 hours apart. It was easy to get used to because all I had to do was add 2 hours and switch am or pm to figure out what the time was for him. Then, it was Australia’s turn to change the clocks forward one hour. So instead of adding 2, I added 3. This was fine too, but it barely lasted a month. Now it’s my turn to change the clocks…backwards. So our time difference that started as 14 hours is going to be 16 hours.

You might think, “what’s two more hours added to 14?” And in the bigger picture it might not look so bad. But once you focus in, you can see the difference. I used to come home from work and have a few hours before Jay woke up. And When I woke up, he would still be awake for a few hours. Now, I get out of work and he’ll be awake already. And when I wake up he’ll have an hour before bed. The difference may not seem that much, but it will drastically change our routine. Our window for conversation is shrinking dramatically.

So what do we do? We need to plan ahead. I can go to bed slightly earlier (less talking at night) and wake up slightly earlier so we can chat more in my mornings. Another good thing to do would be to plan our activities ahead of time. So instead of spending 40 minutes deciding what to watch that night, we should have a list ready to go and just pick from it. We are also going to start a new book together. We can read a couple of chapters at a time and then talk about them on Skype/chat. As simple as all these things sound, it’ll be the thing that strengthens our connection in this relationship.

My advice if you’re in an LDR with a changing time difference? Plan ahead. Make a list of things that will be affected by Daylight Savings Time and come up with ideas to avoid a problem.


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