Day Eighty-Six: Double Date

Today I want to write about my LDR double date. This is not the typical “double date” where two couples go out to a dinner and movie; the best part about this is that both dates are for us!

I’ve mentioned before how great it is to read books with your SO. It’s something you can do separately but can talk about together. If you set a certain number of chapters to read for each couple of days it can really spark a great conversation.

I have also emphasized the importance of movie “dates”; watching the same movie at the same time, thousands of miles apart. This is a great way to get some entertainment (especially if you don’t go to the movies as much anymore. I live alone in a new city so this definitely applies to me) while also sharing a moment with your SO.

So what is this whole “double date” thing? May I present my two-for-one date idea: Jay and I are about to start reading In the Heart of the Sea and next year it will be made into a movie! So we can read it bit by bit, discussing the book’s events together each week. And when it comes time, we’ll be able to watch the movie. Granted, it’s very unlikely we’ll be in the theater at the exact same time….but nevertheless it is another thing to share together!

Looking for an easier way to try my “double date” idea? Try picking a book and movie pairing where the movie already came out and you can access it on Netflix or Amazon Prime. Please comment with the book and movie combos you and your SO decide to share. I would love to have some more options!


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