Day One Hundred and Nineteen: Welcome the Messenger

Occasionally one of your friends will travel to the country of your SO (or vice versa). This might make you upset and jealous because you want to be them. But this is actually a fantastic opportunity.

Jay’s mom is coming to my area in a week. At first I was a little annoyed and upset. Why couldn’t HE come to visit me?! But then I realized, it would be nice to see his mom as well! I can hear a little bit more about what he is doing in Australia and he gave her small gifts to deliver to me.

If you know someone going to visit near your SO, get busy! Write letters, draw pictures, develop photographs, and buy small gifts. Make a small care package that your friend can hand deliver to your SO! It’ll make them feel extremely special getting a hand-delivered package from you, even though you’re not the one delivering it.

I just got a letter in the mail from Jay and in a couple of weeks I get to open a gift box from him! It really is the little things that keep you going in an LDR.


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