Day One Twenty Five: You Don’t Have to be Miserable

The idea for this post came from a recent post on Reddit. Someone asked whether there are other people in an LDR who don’t feel miserable all the time, since a lot of the posts on their have a negative connotation. People complain of how sad they are without their SO or how upset they’ve become in their LDR. I never really noticed this before I saw the person’s post. But it got me to thinking….you really don’t need to be miserable in an LDR.

Yes, you and your SO are far away from each other (perhaps for the first time). But that doesn’t mean you have to become miserable. Although you want to share moments in your life with your SO, you need to make memories of your own as well. So while you’re apart, you can focus a little more on yourself. You can take that art class you always wanted or start taking Martial Arts. Whatever it is that you’ve always wanted to try…do it! This will not only occupy your time when you can’t talk to your SO, but it will also give you something really awesome to talk to them about the next time!

Another way to be less upset during an LDR is to spend time together. You can Skype each other while making food (he might be making breakfast while you make dinner). This seems so mundane, but it really is the little things that make you feel more connected during an LDR. Try watching a show together or reading the same book chapter by chapter. These are fun things you can do without being physically together.

Coming up with new ideas for activities to do is also a fun challenge. An LDR is simply another adventure in your relationship’s journey. Embrace the challenge with open arms and find new creative ways to love the experiences of your LDR. Don’t let your mood succumb to distance; make distance fun.


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