Day One Thirty Six: Missing the BIG things

Today I had my wisdom teeth out. The surgery went well and I feel pretty good, despite the chipmunky face and the inability to eat….But a part of me is bummed that Jay wasn’t here to help out today. I would’ve liked to have a little extra company and he would make me almost forget about the pain in my mouth! It kinda stinks he lives so far away when I have something big going on, like surgery.

But he was so incredibly supportive. Asking me how he can help even though he’s nearly 10,000 miles away. He was very positive and so sweet throughout the day. He keeps checking in on me to make sure I’m still doing well….and there’s no better feeling than seeing a cute message from him.

So to all you LDRers, if you have to miss out on a big event you better check in with your SO. Try being a little extra sweet. Maybe tell a few jokes or send pictures to them. Over-do the little things….You may think pictures of your face or a detailed description of your morning routine seem ridiculous but they can actually be just what your SO needs. The simpler and sillier…the better! So try just a little extra to make your SO’s big day a success.


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