Day One Forty Nine: My Sympathy

What happens when a loved one of yours dies? Or a relative of your SO passes away? How do you properly express your condolences?

Unfortunately, with the new year comes a new loss for Jay’s family. If I lived closer, I would attend the memorial services with his family, send a card, and possibly make them some food. But what can I do when I live almost 10,000 miles away? I reached to Google for the answer.

With a little surfing, you can find several sites that offer same-day delivery on flower arrangements or gift baskets. It obviously isn’t as comforting as actually being with your SO, but it will let them know they’re in your thoughts. Most companies offer a complimentary card to write a short message with your gift. Just try and make sure you know if your SO/they’re family will be home to accept the delivery.

If those deliveries are too expensive (they can be a bit pricey), try sending your SO a package from home. Include some of their favorite things, maybe some cookies or candies. You can also include small toys and handwritten notes. And if a whole box of goodies is a little much as well, you can always just send a card in the mail expressing your sympathy.

No matter what you decide, your SO will appreciate all of your thoughts and kindness during their difficult time.


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