Day One Fifty-Eight: Final Stretch

In light of recent events, Jay will be visiting me sooner than previously planned…and I am SUPER excited. Less than 10 days!!! He will be here!!!! With ME!!!! Aaaaaaah, so exciting….

So now comes the real test….the FINAL COUNTDOWN. I need to clean and prepare my apartment, buy/make goodies before his arrival, and make sure I plan out activities. I don’t want to over-plan, but I want him to have an awesome visit! I want him to go back home thinking “Hmmm, it’s not as fun here. I wanna go back.” Not sure that will work out in my favor or not, but I do just want to have an amazing time! It’s time to take those days off of work before I lose them.

The closer it gets to his visit, the farther away it seems to me. I just can’t believe that after 5 months, our first visit is less than 2 weeks away. It’s insane. It’s exciting. It’s a little overwhelming! But I am unbelievably excited for it!

As always, updates to come soon!


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