Day One Sixty Two: Working During the Visit


Not much to talk about right now except excitement! In less than a week, we will be together again. I can’t even believe how soon that is….the past five months seems like a blur and all of my focus is on our reunion.

My only concern about the visit is that I won’t have as much time as I would like to spend with him. Yes, he is coming to visit for over a month (I am one lucky girl), but I do have a job. So I really need to make the time we do have count.

I’ve already took our first day together off from work so that’s a start. And I added Jay to my auto insurance policy so he can use my car during the day. He can drop me off at work, go hangout with some friends, pick me up for lunch, and then pick me up at the end of the day. That way he gets to see his friends and also maximizes our time together. Plus, I get chauffeured around for a month.

We have also begun planning weekend day trips to make sure we actually DO things during the visit. A bunch of our friends are meeting us in the city for a reunion. And we are also going to an adult arcade with my siblings which should be a lot of fun. I don’t want to plan out every weekend in case he does want to do something with his friends, but I will also be pretty disappointed if he leaves me for a whole weekend. Selfish? Probably…I’ll work on that!

But right now I am too focused on his arrival. I find myself spacing at work (but not too much…I still do my job) and at night I binge-watch Friends, making mental notes of how cute the couples are and how awesome it’ll be when I’m finally with Jay.

I probably won’t be posting too frequently during the visit because I will be enjoying our time. But please continue to look for new posts. You never know when one will pop up!


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