Day One Sixty-Four: Gifts on top of the Visit?

This post is more of a question than anything else. Jay is coming to visit and obviously we are both very excited. He’ll be here for Valentine’s Day after spending Christmas and both of our birthdays apart. Originally we decided we wouldn’t get each other any presents for Valentine’s Day, we would just spend time together and go our to diner. But a part of me now thinks we should exchange gifts, whether we make them ourselves or buy them from somewhere. Neither of us have a lot of money, but I feel like we missed out on the in-person gift-giving.

Does anyone else have thoughts on this? Is the visit a good enough present? It is the BEST present, but I really miss exchanging gifts with Jay. The thrill of shopping for him and the anticipation of his reaction always excite me. And of course the surprise while opening a gift from him is an amazing feeling….Opinions?


One thought on “Day One Sixty-Four: Gifts on top of the Visit?

  1. A small handmade gift could be really nice. I make things for my long distance SO all the time. I would say you should tell him first that you are going to do that though so he doesn’t show up empty handed and feel bad about not having anything for you. There are plenty of things you can make relatively cheaply/ for free so don’t let money stop you.


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