Day One Seventy: From 10,000 Feet to Less Than 10 Steps

I can’t explain the rush of emotions I felt when the door opened and I saw Jay standing there. So many thoughts flashed in my head. After over 5 months, he was finally back. He was standing right in front of me! And all we could do was look at each other, both with this look of happiness and disbelief. We were both experiencing this overwhelming bliss and we didn’t really know how to act from there. At first we just hugged and stared at each other, bashfully saying “hi” over and again. We were like two young kids going on our first date.

But soon we slipped right back into our rhythm. We exchanged little gifts and stories (him about travel, and me about work). It was amazing how quickly we transitioned from being almost 10,000 miles apart to being less than 10 steps away from each other. We planned out some activities to do during his visit and  returned to our “old” life.

It’s funny how exciting it feels to go to a grocery store together again or how fun it is to catch up on a tv show while in the same room. The simplest things were instantly better. We get so much enjoyment over cooking together and just being around each other. I really cannot explain the feeling in any other way, but bliss. Absolute bliss.


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