Day One Seventy Eight: Another Twist

What happens when your SO says he’s moving to a country closer to you? You should be excited. But what if the time difference is more challenging because of your schedules? And even more difficult, what if the long-distance portion of your relationship is extended? I recently found out that Jay was accepted to a masters degree program in the Netherlands. Yay for him! But instead of feeling extremely proud of him I can’t help but feel a little crushed…

Things are going well with him in Australia and me in the USA. The time difference isn’t that hard to work around. I was finally saving up some money to book a ticket to visit him. But now, he might be moving again. And although the Netherlands is closer to the USA, the time difference is substantially more tricky. To make matters worse, at least one more year is being added to the long-distance portion of our relationship. So no we’re going to have a trickier time difference and a longer separation.

I have to say, this puts quite the damper on his visit. He is still here and we are really enjoying the time we have together. But I can’t help but feel upset over this news. I want to be happy for him. I want to be supportive and proud. But I don’t feel those emotions. Instead I feel upset and confused. At what point does an LDR become too much? What is too long a time to be separated? How many moves should you support before closing the whole gap? Why does it always seem like you’re the one compromising?

These are all questions that have crossed my mind, along with several others. If anyone else is going something similar please feel free to comment or message me directly. Hopefully in the coming weeks I’ll be able to answer these questions for myself.


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