Day 204: See Ya Later!

I know I’ve been off the grid for a while now, I was just having such an amazing time with Jay! But alas, yesterday it was time for him to leave again. I unfortunately could not take the day off to bring him to the airport, but we had a nice romantic lunch before he had to leave.

Dropping him off at his friend’s house before he started his journey home was tough…I felt like a puppy going to the vet, knowing what awaits the end of the ride. But for some reason I can’t fully comprehend my emotions. Of course I am sad that he’s leaving, but we had an amazing time together. I can’t help but feel happy for all the memories we made and intrigued at what life will throw at us next. I’m kind of looking forward to the distance again…the new challenges of living on separate continents.

So for now I’m going to slip back into my old routine, thinking of new ways to communicate with my bf across the globe. I have all of these new amazing memories to cherish until the next time we see each other…Because we didn’t say “goodbye”, it was just a “see ya later!”


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