Day 205: Falling Apart All Over Again

Well after a 31 hour long journey, Jay is finally back home in Australia. And both of us are still quite torn in our feelings. Unlike when he first moved, there’s no sharp pain of sadness. We both feel very lucky that we had a great visit with each other. And now we are just falling back into our long distance routines.

It’s really interesting going back and forth between LDR and visits. It’s almost like you need to re-learn your strategies for coping with the distance. But it’s not as stressful the second time around. It’s actually almost fun. Now we get to return to our individual lives and also make more LDR memories via Skype and other mediums. It’s a new challenge and we’re excited to take it on!

So for all of you couples struggling with the distance after a visit, take a deep breath and find the fun in it. Most people will never experience an LDR or anything similar. Get creative, stay connected, and have some fun. Because you’re just drifting apart so you can meet up together again.


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