Day 220: Planning a Trip

You know what’s even better than getting a visit from your SO? Visiting them in a place you’ve never been to before, and that’s exactly what I’m doing in two months!!!

If you are strapped for cash and trying to figure out a way to get to your loved one, there are a few things I would suggest. Check out to search loads of sites really fast. You can look for flights all over the world and they’ll sort them by price for you. It is a really simple website for any sort of vacation and can help you find the ideal flight for you!

But what if you don’t have time to go surfing the web? Well, there is another great feature offered by most airlines. You can sign up for specific price alerts. In the event there’s a discount on your requested flights, you’ll receive an email about the deal. This is what happened in my case. One day I was complaining that plane tickets to Australia cost too much, the next I was booking a flight for $700 less!

So don’t count out a trip just yet. There is always a chance that you can find  a really awesome deal to go visit your long distance lover. And if you can’t get a flight to them, maybe you can find a cheap flight halfway in between!


3 thoughts on “Day 220: Planning a Trip

  1. Same here!! In two months, we’ll be going to Las Vegas and celebrating our one year together! We both have never been on a plane or Las Vegas so, we’re a little nervous yet excited


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