Day 234: What’s the Best Way to Spend Time Together?

My visit to Australia is approaching; in less than two months I’ll be hopping on a plane and flying across the world to visit Jay….and I cannot wait to see him! All I can think about is how great it will feel to be around him again, but it’s hard for me to think of what we can actually do during the visit.

How do you prioritize your time during visits? It’s the first time I’ll be in Australia and the traveler side of me really wants to explore everywhere. I want to go surfing and hiking and touring all around Sydney. I wantΒ to hold koalas and kangaroos. I want to try new foods like meat pie (but not Vegemite). After all, this is my first vacation from my job and my first time in this exotic country. I want to make it an action-packed trip.

But then you find the relationship side of me. I want to hang out with Jay doing simple things. I want to bake cookies and watch movies. I want to go swimming in his pool or play board games at home. Those are the things I miss most while we’re away from each other.

So how do you decide between activities? What makes the perfect ratio of adventurous activities and everyday activities? This is my biggest challenge for the visit. I want to explore but I also want some quiet alone time with Jay. My goal is to have at least one “adventure” for each day I’m there. This can be a tour, a hike, a shopping excursion, a trip to the zoo, etc….and I want to have at least 2 or 3 hours at night to just chill out and talk to each other. Ideally I can have a day filled with both types of activities, but that is easier said than done. Do too many things during the day and we might fall asleep right when we get home!

So for now I’m making a list of our possible adventures and of the little things I want to do with him throughout my trip. I don’t want to completely plan the trip because spontaneity is always fun! But I need to be aware that our time together is limited and that if there are things I really want to do with Jay I may need to prioritize them.

As always, I’ll keep you posted on my decisions. If any of you are from the Sydney area I am open to suggestions for an adventure!


One thought on “Day 234: What’s the Best Way to Spend Time Together?

  1. It’s a fine balance! But sounds like you can explore the city whilst also spending quality time with your man! And you guys can always plan a “big” adventure as well. Maybe have him show you “his” city and explore the places he normally frequents? When I go visit my man, we’ll normally just hang around and he’ll show me the area he lives and then one of the days we’ll go on a proper adventure. πŸ™‚


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