Day 246: How to Beat the Separation

As if the initial distance wasn’t hard enough, sometimes one of you will go on a vacation. And when you’re off adventuring it may be difficult to find as much chatting time. Some places might not have a good internet connection either so how can you feel connected when you aren’t able to communicate?

One thing you can do, is leave your SO as many messages as possible when you have internet/cell service. That way when they finally can connect they have a nice story to read from you. And they will have a lot to respond to! It’s almost like you’re playing some sort of tag….chat tag?

Another thing you can do is send “Open When” letters. For instance the “Open When you reach your destination” letter could be all about how excited you are for your SO. Tell them to have lots of fun on their trip and that you can’t wait to hear about everything. Your SO should also give you some letters like “Open When you think I made it to my vacation spot” or “Open When you want to chat.” The best thing about these types of letters is that you can customize them for any and every occasion!

And if you and your SO really love Skype. Try sending a package full of pictures of yourself or the two of you before the trip. That way you can always still look at each other!

Happy travels!


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