Defining Moment

If you are in the beginning stages of an LDR or considering the option of one please check out this post on 1080 Miles! The author shares her experience with some problems that can present themselves early on in a long distance relationship and how she was able to overcome them.

I often refer to our relationship as a ‘late bloomer’, you know that term they give to awkward prepubescent kids to ease their minds that they will turn into a beautiful person when the time is right. I know it sounds weird but that’s how our relationship has been, we began blooming later than most. Many relationships start out in what is commonly called “the honeymoon phase”. We didn’t start out like that and it took us quite some time to achieve that marv2013-05-06_1367882816elous feeling of being obsessed with each other and wanting to spend as much time together as possible. This doesn’t surprise me when I look back since we’re far from ordinary, so it only fits that we were a little different than most. Yes we wanted to spend time together but it was difficult when all we did was find things to argue about.

The beginning…

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