Meet My New Friends!

Hello everyone,

I have finally got my act together and it is time to share my first story about another LDR couple! Keep in mind that this is the first of its kind for me. Please understand that I have not perfected my style for this type of post, but I was eager to share someone else’s story. So I hope you enjoy getting to know Callum and his girlfriend!

Callum and his girlfriend were introduced to each other via Skype by one of Callum’s friends. Both are 16 years old; he lives in the UK and she lives in the USA. They have dated for about one and a half years, all of which has been long distance.

Callum and his girlfriend bonded quite quickly due to their similar interests and outlook on life. Callum is always a great support system for his girlfriend when she needs some advice and comfort. Even though they are separated by more than 3500 miles they share an incredibly strong connection. Although the distance can be a challenge, the thought of being together in real life keeps them both filled with optimism.

Like in any relationship they can disagree on some things, but communication is very important to them. If anything arises they are sure to discuss it. Both are very open with their feelings and willing to share any concerns they have with each other. I really admire them for this because it can be one of the most difficult things in any type of relationship.

They spend their time together chatting on Skype and sometimes watch movies or play video games together. To strengthen their relationship even more they take turns sending each other little gifts in the mail. Sometimes they send something as simple yet thoughtful as a letter or card. Other times they send t-shirts that smell like themselves or chocolates from their country. It’s a great way for them to feel closer despite the distance and to share a little bit of themselves with the other person. Like all other long distance couples they look forward to seeing each other and taking advantage of every moment together.

So what makes these two click so well? According to Callum, putting forth all of your effort is key to the success of your LDR. Despite the distance between you two, you can always be connected if you’re truly in love. It can be a challenge, but the experience of a LDR is something you are sure to cherish forever.

Callum and his girlfriend are an inspiration to me. They are a prime example that love really can endure all things. Despite the distance between them and their relatively young age, these two share an incredible bond and prove how happy you can be in a long distance relationship. As Callum points out, the effort you put into a LDR can really determine what you get out of it. If you are committed to your relationship it can lead to wonderful things for both of you.

I want to thank Callum for helping me share his story. This is my first of these posts so I apologize if it’s not as fluent as my regular posts. I am extremely excited to share the stories of other couples in LDRs and I would appreciate any suggestions on my formatting for this type of post!


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