The Independence of Being LD

I recently read a post about how a long distance relationship helps spark independence and I wanted to share it with you. One of the greatest things about the timing of my LDR was that I had just rented my own apartment and got hired at my first job. This was the time that I needed to be independent and be true to myself. If Jay had to move sometime, this was the perfect time. He left and allowed me to be independent even though we are still dating. Please check out this awesome post about the independence that comes with long distance:


5 thoughts on “The Independence of Being LD

    1. With all due respect, “just dating” is not the term I would use for a 3-year long relationship, but that’s beside the point.

      When I said that it “allowed me to be independent” I simply meant it this way: When your SO lives nearby, you will likely see each other very often. You plan excursions and visits and probably spend most weekends together. But when you are in a LDR you have a lot more freedom with your plans because you are unable see your SO every weekend. You will likely have a specific schedule for Skype dates or phone calls, but other than that you are pretty much alone to live your life. Thus, being in a long distance relationship, as opposed to being in a relationship with someone close by you, can give you more time to focus on yourself. It makes it easier for you to become a more independent person.


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