Day 273: Countdown

Hello everyone,

I haven’t touched on many specifics about my relationship lately, so here goes:

Jay and I are doing better than ever! He is really enjoying his time in Australia by learning how to surf and I have really settled into my groove at work. We chat in some way or another every day and our bond has never been stronger than it is now. And if you don’t think that is cool….I AM FLYING TO AUSTRALIA IN LESS THAN 10 DAYS!!!!!  Let the countdown begin…

That’s right, friends. I am finally venturing across the world to visit Jay. Words cannot properly describe the immense excitement inside me. We planned all sorts of activities: going to zoos, taking surfing lessons, attending a live rugby match, cooking together…and I cannot wait! This is my first time traveling to Australia so we have a LOT of exploring to do once I get there. Keep an eye out for my posts from Aussie Land!


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