My Trip Down Under

Australia Vacation 526

One of the greatest pleasures in a long distance relationship is when you finally get to visit your significant other. I recently had the privilege to visit Jay in Australia and I still can’t stop smiling because of my trip. Everything about it made for an incredible experience.

Seeing Jay drive up to the airport as I exited the terminal from my almost full 24-hour journey gave me butterflies. I didn’t even care that I looked and probably smelled awful from the travel because he didn’t care either…he just scooped me up in his arms. The whole drive to his house I couldn’t stop staring at him. It was like neither of us believed that I was there. I had flown across the entire world just to come visit him.

Once we got past our awkward phase of seeing each other again, we went straight to excitement. We spent our first day exploring the city and planning out some of the activities to do for the upcoming days. Throughout the trip we did many “homey” things together, cooking dinner and watching movies while snuggling on the couch. We also spent most days adventuring to the zoo or taking the ferry to a new bay for walks around the ocean.

I was extra happy that I got to document most of my moments in Australia. Jay and I took turns taking photographs during the trip. It was almost like he was my personal photographer!Β For his own privacy, I don’t post pictures of the two of us on my blog. Here are some of my favorite pictures of places we went and activities we did together while on the trip:

Heading for Sydney Harbour
Heading for Sydney Harbour

This was my first time seeing Sydney! Jay and I took the ferry to the city almost every day It was a quick ride with great views! On one of our boat rides he almost lost his sunglasses due to wind, but they somehow flew off his face and back onto the boat! πŸ™‚

koala ready to jump!
koala ready to jump!

From everything we were told, we were expecting lots of lazy koalas at the zoo. Lucky for us, we got to see this little guy actually jump from one tree to another! That’s not something many people can say, but now both of us can!

“Hop inside my life if you want to live”

This pelican was easily one of the most memorable animals at the zoo. Jay and I were observing the two pelicans when suddenly this one hopped out of the water and came towards us, mouth open! Pelicans are fascinating birds, but they can be quite intimidating…who knew?! We will likely never forget our first encounter with this one!

feeding a roo!
feeding a roo!

Not the best picture of me…but here I am hanging out with my little kangaroo friend! Jay and I spent 40ish minutes hanging out with these hoppy friends. You can buy food in ice cream cones to feed them. Some of them will even nibble on the cone!

It makes me so happy thinking back on all of the memories we made on my trip. This was just a small taste of the experiences we shared together. I loved everything about my trip, but I am even more happy that I got to share these moments with Jay. Every moment felt extra special because we were finally together. Even though we could only spend ten days together every second of it was filled with happiness. I am happy that I finally got to see Jay again and that we created so many wonderful memories together.Β What makes me the happiest is knowing that there is someone across the world just waiting for another adventure with me.

Inspired by this LDR Writing Prompt: Happiness


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