An Open Letter to Those Nervous for the Future

If you’re considering the transition into a long-distance relationship please pay attention to what I have to say:

The uncertainty of the future is scary for everyone, especially those in a LDR. It can feel like your whole world is being flipped upside down. You met this amazing person, you get along with them really well, and you share an incredible connection. With most awesome things in life, there’s a small “catch” with your relationship. There are hundreds (or more) miles between the two of you. How can this possibly work out with such a large distance?

Stop asking yourself “how” and start telling yourself “why” it will work. Your relationship obviously means something if you’re considering stretching it across states, countries, or even the world. Why is that? Why is it that you have such an amazing connection? Why has your time together so far been worth it? In case you’re confused, I’ll give you some examples:

My relationship with Jay is amazing because we never seize to make each other laugh. We share an incredible sense of humor and intellectual curiosity. There is never a dull moment between us. Even the simplest every day activities are immediately better when we share them with each other. We make each other smile every day and we truly care for each other. Those are just a few of the reasons that our relationship works, and distance can’t change those things.

If you have a solid, loving relationship with a trustworthy person there really isn’t much that will change with distance. You guys will still be you. You’ll still love each other and support each other. Your routines will be slightly different and the physical visits will be less frequent, but that just makes them extra special when they do happen.

It’s okay to be nervous for the future. Heck, everyone is! But don’t let that deter you from trying new things and continuing the things you enjoy. Life is full of opportunities for risk-taking and this is one opportunity you won’t want to miss out on! Even if your relationship doesn’t survive the distance, at least you went for it! You fought for something you truly cared about. You fought for someone you loved. Not many people are brave enough to take the risk, but very few people will risk taking it. More people risk not trying something.

So take that little leap of faith and don’t be scared. If you care enough about each other, your long distance relationship may not only survive but it could thrive despite the distance!

Best Regards as Always,


Inspired by this LDR Writing Prompt: Open Letter


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