Comfy Clothes and a Box of Spaghetti


You put on a nice dress, do your makeup, and turn on Skype. It’s date night.

One of the biggest differences from a LDR and a “normal” relationship is the amount of times you can actually see each other in person. You rely on chatting apps, Skype, and sometimes email for communication and your “dates” are not what they used to be when you lived close to each other.

The only opportunities you have for real dates is on a visit. But visits are expensive. I dropped $1,600 on my last visit to Jay so we opted for dinner at home instead of a fancy dinner in Sydney. Sometimes these simpler dates are the more memorable ones.

One of my favorite nights in Sydney was after a very adventurous day. We explored the city, visited the zoo, and finished off our afternoon with some drinks at the bar underneath the Opera House. Instead of eating a nice dinner there we hopped on the ferry and headed back to Jay’s house.

Our night was the perfect date. We combined everything we miss from being close together into one night. First we took a trip to the grocery store to buy ingredients to bake cookies and cook dinner. I had been craving Jay’s “classic” chicken parm pasta dish and we really wanted to bake something together. These were both constants in our life before Jay moved to Australia. We made that dish for dinner at least twice each week and baked goodies with each other at least once every two weeks. So this was the perfect way for us to reconnect with each other.

After we gobbled down dinner we let the cookie dough chill in the fridge. While we waited to finish the cookies we started watching Back to the Future. We always love watching TV shows and movies together. Even when we’re in separate countries we’ll stream the same show and chat about it throughout the episode. This was SO much better though…we could actually snuggle while we watched and our reactions were all real-time. It was an incredible feeling to hear Jay laugh while cuddling with him…it was like a sensory overload!

Halfway through the movie we took our cookie break. We sleepily climbed the stairs to the kitchen and made our late-night chocolate orange cookies (which were DELICIOUS) and then brought a few of them back downstairs to finish watching the Doc send Marty back to the future. I struggled to stay awake before ultimately falling asleep in Jay’s arms. He woke me up at the credits and guided me down the hallway to bed.

Everything about this night made me happy. The coziness of our date is what made it a great night. This simple date was exactly what we wanted for our visit because we got to do all of the activities together that we miss most when we’re away from each other. Being in a LDR has taught me to really appreciate the simpler things in life, just like this date. We wore our comfiest clothes and filled our bellies with simple pasta, but everything was perfect.

Inspired by this LDR Writing Prompt: Date Night


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