Nope, I’m not referencing the women’s FIFA World Cup….I’m talking about real life goals. My goals. I resolved to create a list of 3 goals per month to help keep myself focused on what I want in life. Some of my goals will be blog-related, some LDR-related, and others will be entirely unrelated to anything before on my blog. Once a month I will write myself a progress report on my previous month’s goals and create a list of new ones! I encourage you all to create goals for yourself and to share them with others so they can help motivate you.

So here goes:

Goal 1: Blog Makeover. I am pretty happy with the setup of my blog right now, but I want a fresh clean look. Within the next month I plan to re-design my site, so please don’t get confused if things start to look a little different on here. It’s still my same blog! I’m looking to give my blog a cleaner, more modern look. Hopefully once I’m done it will be easier for you to navigate the posts too. Keep an eye out for upcoming changes and I hope we all end up loving the end product!

Goal 2: Workout Daily. This always seems to make the list….but for the past two days I’ve stuck to it! I want to be healthier and part of being healthy means exercising daily. Whether I use my boxing equipment, go for a run, take a spin class, or just do some simple bodyweight exercises, I strive to put my best foot forward. Not only will my body be more toned, but my mind will feel better too. Exercise has so many health benefits, mental included, and I just need to find my exercise rhythm again! I need to charge my fitbit and use those challenges for motivation. My plan is to take spin classes with my cousin once a week and I already have weekly tennis nights with coworkers. The winter left me in a workout-less funk (because of weather, my illness, and laziness)…it’s time to make the change!

Goal 3: Stick to the Studies. I currently work a full-time job and I plan on taking my first Actuarial exam by year end. It has been a really slow process of studying. Juggling work, studying, social obligations, family obligations, exercise, sleep….it is hard work! But I am determined to do this. I want to help myself expand my mind (and hopefully later my wallet). But what makes this time different? How will I accomplish this goal? I will make a study guide, plan out study sessions, and even collaborate with others studying for the test. I don’t want to keep telling people “I’m thinking about taking this exam in November.” I want to tell them that I am taking it. And hopefully come November (or December…still a little undecided on my test date) I can say that I passed the first exam!

There you have my top three goals for the month. Check back in 30 days for an update on these as well as 3 new goals from me. Have some goals of your own? I’d love to hear them…together we can stay motivated and focused to achieve our monthly 3!


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