Window Shopping Challenge

Jay and I were both presented with this awesome challenge: search online to find an outfit for each other. We were expected to choose an entire outfit, including accessories, and choose a size for each item. This was especially fun for me because I’m somewhat of an online-shopping connoisseur and also because Jay and I used to go shopping together.

So how was the challenge? Surprisingly, Jay and I actually chose clothes from the same store! We both chose to stick with one store for the outfit: Banana Republic. Here was Jay’s pick for me:


I was pretty impressed with Jay’s picks for me. I loved the shirt and pants combo because it’s so versatile….easily transforms from a work outfit into a more casual one! The necklace is so pretty and one that I might actually by myself! I have been searching for a long gold necklace and this one is perfect. The belt and bag also go really well with the entire look of the outfit. I’ve been considering buying a bag like this (not sure if it’s in my budget right now) and I love the color of this one. The only thing I wasn’t thrilled about was the shoes. I am really picky about shoes. They’re a little too girly for me with that simple string bow. Overall I would rate Jay’s style picks at a 9 out of 10. I think he usually has a pretty good sense of style (sometimes I even make him help me choose clothes for myself).

So how did he do with the sizing? Not bad actually. Jay chose a medium for the shirt which could be correct…sometimes I’m small and sometimes medium. He also chose medium for the belt. I know absolutely nothing about belt sizes so I’ll say that was a good pick! Jay was only a 1/2 size off on my shoes, so he was doing really well….until the pants. I don’t think he really understands women’s sizes (I’m not even sure I do). He guessed I was a size 12, but I’m a 4. I would be a little concerned if he knew every size precisely (guys never know that much about clothing sizes), but I was extremely impressed with Jay. The sizes were relatively accurate, for the most part, and he chose a really nice style for my outfit.

I honestly had no idea where to start with this because Jay and I are in opposite seasons. I had trouble deciding which type of outfit to choose for him. In the end I went for a casual outfit for cool weather. Here is what I chose for Jay:


Jay didn’t give me too much feedback on his outfit, but I am pretty sure he wasn’t a fan of the shoes. I think if I were to branch out from Banana Republic I could have found different ones, but I really enjoyed the idea of staying with one store. Jay liked the rest of the outfit, especially the socks. So I guess my picks were pretty good as well!

How did I do with sizing? I was a little off on the sizes, except for the shirt and sweater. Just like for Jay, the pant size was the most difficult one for me. I wish pants has a more standardized and less confusing method of sizing!

Overall, Jay and I did pretty well “window shopping” for each other. It was a lot of fun looking for things to dress Jay in, but I really wish we could have done it in person! Maybe when he visits next we’ll try it again. I’m still debating it, but there’s a good chance I’ll buy some of the items Jay chose for me. I think we’ll try and make this challenge a more regular thing. I could use some fashion advice every once in a while!

I challenge you all to this Window Shopping Challenge as well. How did you do choosing the style for your SO? How about the sizes? Did you end up purchasing any of your SO’s suggestions? Post your results in the comments. I can’t wait to hear all about your window shopping adventure!


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