What Matters

It has been quite some time since I dabbled in poetry, but I was inspired by one of my fellow bloggers to take another stab at it. I wrote this poem describing the first moments of my relationship transitioning into a long distance relationship. It quickly progresses into my overall opinion about LDRs and what really matters most in them. I hope you enjoy it!

I still remember when I found out

You were moving across the world.

My heart sank, my eyes welled

I couldn’t believe what I was told.

Fear took over as I cried for you,

Nothing seemed to be clear.

How could you just up and leave,

While I was still living here?

Despite long months of dreading it,

You packed your bags and left.

Headed for your big new home

As a weight dropped in my chest.

I couldn’t help but feel mad,

While you flew across the sky.

I was left in my home alone,

With nothing left to cry.

But once we passed those first few days

Everything improved.

We dried our tears and smiled more

Settling into our groove.

We learned to make the best of it,

Finding clever things to do.

And I lived vicariously

When he met the kangaroos.

At times it seems I date a screen,

But I think that’s okay.

Because I on the other side

Is an awesome guy named, Jay.

Long distance can be difficult.

There’s no doubt about it.

But if you put the effort in

It can actually be a good fit.

There is no requirement for love,

No real regulations or rules.

If you give up just for distance

I may end up calling you fools.

If two people share love so strong

They can feel it everywhere.

Then nothing can break the bond

Of that truly loving pair.

Jay and I have that bond

It travels across the sea

Connected by our two hearts

It’s quite easy for all to see.

People always wonder how

We deal with the space.

It’s not always easy

Until I think about his face.

See, love knows no limits.

It can spread far and wide.

All I know is that I feel,

Lots of happiness inside.

Long distance can be sucky,

An emotional struggle

But it’s awesome to think

Of that next great big snuggle.

Who said a challenge

Was too hard to complete?

The distance can teach you

Something very neat.

You just need some patience

And a whole lot of heart

It’s something you’ll need

When you’re miles apart.


All that matters is the love you share

With that person far away.

Because love knows no distance,

Your heart is where it stays.

Inspired by this LDR Writing Prompt: Distance


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