The Value of a Visit


Jay and I met at university and immediately became friends. Two years later we were dating and two years after that he flew off to his new home in Australia. Going from a relationship where we could spend almost every day together to one where seeing each other costs upwards of $2,000 made for a difficult transition. But all the hassles involved with our visits have made them so much more worthwhile. Jay and I have had two visits since the distance started a little less than a year ago and he is coming to visit me later this week.

It’s hard to choose a “favorite” visit. The first one was amazing because it was the first time seeing each other in 6 months and it was a 5-week-long visit! But we both loved the second one when I went to Australia. Jay got to show me places he often talked about and we got to explore new things together! Since both of the visits were so wonderful I’ll just highlight some of the best parts of each!

First Visit: Jay comes to visit me after 6 months of being apart. We were anticipating this visit for 6 months and the it was finally happening!!! I left the door unlocked because I knew he would arrive soon and as soon as I heard rattling by the door I ran for the stairs. I looked downstairs to see Jay’s smiling face looking up at me. We didn’t know how to react to each other at first. We kept staring at eachother timidly, just holding eachother close and repeating the word “Hi” over and over again. We were at a loss for words!

The next 5 weeks were incredible. We went to NYC multiple times, hung out with friends, and planned a really special Valentine’s Day dinner (which didn’t end up working out, but you can read more about that here: ). Even after I got sick with Colitis we ventured to NYC for Jay’s last weekend here. I remember my legs feeling like jell-o as we walked, but I didn’t mind. We went to an amazing Chinese restaurant and wandered around in the light-falling snow in the afternoon. It was the perfect way to wrap up our visit.

Visit Two: I venture to Australia. Even though this visit was just 10 days, it felt like Jay and I did a month’s worth of activities. We went quading on sand dunes, sand boarded, explored Sydney, and interacted with both koalas and kangaroos! While I was there we also did some of our favorite “common” activities like baking, cooking, and watching movies. We chose to watch the Back to the Future series because I always joke when Jay goes back to Australia he is actually going “back to the future” (time differences can be really fascinating. Check out more about my trip here:

I was much less sad leaving Australia than I thought I would be…probably because our trip was absolutely amazing. I couldn’t think of one thing to improve the experience. It was the perfect mix of adventuring and relaxing and I wouldn’t want to share it with anyone else.

Australia Vacation 445
Feeding this little guy out of an ice cream cone 🙂
Australia Vacation 359
On top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge pylon lookout!
Australia Vacation 474
Petting our little koala friend at Featherdale Wildlife Park.

Jay and I really value our time together because it is expensive to visit each other and it’s also a pretty rare occurrence. Every moment we share is a special one and I can’t wait to make more wonderful memories with Jay soon!

Inspired by this LDR Writing Prompt: Visits


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