There for Me

Lacking support close to home? There are so many ways to communicate with other people in LDRs to get advice and share experiences. Check out this great post about LDR Outreach!

Texas to Tennessee


Most long distance couples have dealt with unsupportive family and friends.  I’ve read a lot of stories of long distance couples in which their families and friends do not support their relationship and have to keep it a secret.  While I do not condone this, I completely understand because at one point I hid my relationship from my parents for two years until I was 18 and there was nothing my mother could do legally to stop me from talking to my fiance or taking away my phone because I paid for my own phone bill.

On the other hand, my friends supported my relationship and they were there for me when our relationship was great and when it wasn’t going well at all.  I’m very blessed to have friends and an amazing little sister who stuck by my side throughout my whole relationship, with the good, the bad, and…

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