My Monthly 3: August

I’m a little late for the updated goals, but better late than never!

In July I had 3 very ambitious goals. The first one was to beat my half marathon time from last year. I wanted to make that a goal in July as a way to kickstart my training for the race in September. It’s the same course I ran last year, which was my first half marathon race ever. I’m really excited to run it again! Sadly, due to weather and my schedule I haven’t found too much time for running. I did recently buy a much-needed pair of new running shoes though, and I started going to the gym to help with cross-training. I’ll be sure to update you more on this goal in later months!

My second July goal was to drink more water. I think summer helped me out with this one. I’m constantly reaching for a bottle! I’m still not drinking as much water as I want to be, but I started logging it on my Fitbit app in the hopes that I’ll pay more attention to it.

The last goal for July was to do a clothing sweep and de-clutter my closet/dresser. Sadly, I have not completed this one yet. It’s still a goal of mine, but July was pretty busy for me. Hopefully sometime soon I can update you on my success for this one!

Well that’s it for updating. What do I want to do in August?

Collaborate with another blogger. As part of the LDRBN we were challenged to collaborate with another blogger to write a post or swap guest posts! I’m a little late to the party, but hopefully I can find someone else to work with on this. It would be really fun to share the thoughts or experiences of another LDR blogger and I’m sure you would all love what they have to say as well!

Study Study Study. This is a goal from one of my earlier MM3 posts, but it is really important to me. Lately I have been pretty unhappy at my job and have been seriously considering leaving the company. The only problem is, I’m not the most marketable person and I really want to take advantage of the study/exam days my company can offer me. Originally I wanted to take the exam before year end, but I don’t think that’s realistic. I want to make sure I am prepared and I plan to take it early next year (January or February).

Write to Jay. Jay recently moved to The Netherlands from Australia. We realized that even though we are physically closer, the time difference and our schedules might make things more difficult. In an effort to stay connected, we both resolved to write letters and send care packages to each other. I already bought international stamps, so I’m on the right track!

There you have my monthly 3! A little bit of everything this month: blog goal, personal goal and relationship goal. I hope you’re a little bit more inspired to think of and strive to complete your own goals!


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